Cancellation of a Maui home or cottage reservation

Each of our properties is unique, and every guest is both important and special to us.   Cancellation of a Maui home or cottage reservation is always unfortunate.

Cancellation of your home or cottage reservation will result in a cancellation fee which varies by property. For many properties, if cancellation occurs more than 60 days prior to arrival, there is a two night cancellation fee.   If cancellation occurs within sixty days of arrival date, all rental payments will be forfeited, unless the space is re-rented.  If your unit is re-booked for the same period, a full refund (less the two night cancellation fee) will be made.

The owner reserves the right to cancel this reservation should the property be removed from the vacation rental market. If this is the case, a full refund will be issued, and every effort will be made to locate a suitable replacement property.  As long as the home or cottage you’re booking has a rental permit, his is a very, very rare occurrence.

This reservation may be cancelled by the owner in the event of a natural disaster, damage due to fire, water damages, or failure of prior guest to vacate as scheduled.  Liability shall be limited to the amount of monies paid to date on the account.  Owner, Manager or Rental agent shall not be liable for other expenses incurred such as plane tickets, rental car etc.   In the event of a hurricane or other cause of mandatory evacuation during tenant’s stay, there will be a refund for the days tenant could not be accommodated.

Cancellation insurance is available from many different providers, and we strongly encourage you to explore this option.  It would be most unfortunate if you had to cancel your reservation, and insurance could put your mind at east and replace the loss of funds.

We do not offer refund or credit if you arrive in Maui late, or depart from Maui early, as these dates are held for you, and no other guest can reserve this time.

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