Meet Us

We’d love to work with you!

We sort of “fell” into the Maui vacation rental business.  What started as a project to assist a friend when their rental organizer went out of business, became a passionate desire to help our guests have special vacations in Maui.  We care about each home, perhaps because it belongs to a special owner, or perhaps because we hear such wonderful comments from our guests when they return home from their vacation in Maui.

I easily fall in love with properties as each has a special charm.  It’s exciting to bring a property to life for vacation rental, knowing that the guests will go home with special memories of their time in the home.

Our guests have a chance to rent homes set in some of the most fantastic locations in Maui.  They experience what it’s like to live, eat, and sleep in a local community.  We see ourselves as educators, dedicated to enhancing our guest’s appreciation of the local environment.

Each year, our small, friendly office helps many visitors enjoy Maui, and frequently they return year after year.  We could not continue doing this without our awesome team (thanks guys for indulging me when I have crazy ideas).   The travel industry is constantly changing. It is a challenging business but when clients come back telling us about the amazing time they had on their vacation, it’s worth it. It’s such a good feeling to know that we helped someone capture the vacation of their dreams.

People do business with people and we’re real people, that actually answer the phone.  Call us to plan your Maui vacation rental!